About Albuquerque

JFK Airport Terminal DinningAlbuquerque is a city with diverse splendors providing something for every type of vacationer. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy biking, skiing, and some of the best golf courses. For those in need of a little pampering, the city offers many spas. Visitors seeking adventure can take to the skies, learn about the native culture, experience wildlife, and dine on scrumptious local fare.

No visit to Albuquerque would be complete without an adventure involving the sky. Due to the phenomenal local weather, it became known as the Hot Air Balloon Capital of the World. Tourist can experience a ride from one of the many hot air balloon companies. Another way to take to the skies is on he Sandia Peak Tramway, which allows guests to enjoy a view of the gorgeous lush forests and canyons.

Those seeking unique cultural experiences are sure to be delighted by the quaint shops with Pueblo and Spanish-style architecture. The Maxwell Museum of Anthropology provides exhibits on many world culture with an emphasis on the heritage of the Southwest. Science and history enthusiasts will marvel over the displays at the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History which features presentations of the history, science applications,and future development of nuclear energy.

The beautiful Albuquerque Museum of Art and History is one of the best ways to experience art in Albuquerque. The museum includes artwork from the indigenous people to cutting-edge modern displays. For a more in-depth study of Native American culture, a trip to the Pueblo Cultural Center is a absolute must.

The ABQ Biopark, situated along the Rio Grande, hosts a plethora of wildlife in the botanical garden, zoo, and aquarium. The botanical garden features 36-acres of stunning gardens and conservatories. The 64-acre zoo featuring indigenous and exotic animals and boasts the only Tasmanian wombats in the US. The aquarium dazzles visitors with displays of both fresh and salt water species.

Epicureans can ponder the question of red or green by dining on one of many entrees containing the New Mexico State Fruit, the chili. Native American, Spanish, and Mexican cooking techniques create a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Cooking classes are a great way to take a piece of New Mexico home.

After a great meal, visitors often enjoy a leisurely stroll along historic Route 66, now Central Avenue. Tourist are welcome to admire the bright neon signs displayed in the many shops or participate in a Route 66 Tour. Travel to Albuquerque is easy by car or by flight. Visitors have a variety of lodging options from camping to upscale hotels.