Albuquerque Attractions

JFK Airport Terminal Dinning Albuquerque is filled with wonderment and delight. You can experience this elevated desert city in a number of ways. Many people choose to take in the geographical splendor of the Rio Grande Valley by hot air balloon. You can have a stunning aerial view of this Southwestern city in a unique and unforgettable way. You might also consider a tramway journey up Sandia Mountain to reach the peak which stands over 10,000 feet above sea level. This panoramic view is another unforgettable memory.

Once you are ready to keep your feet firmly on the ground, you can start exploring the lively art and culture available throughout the city. You might start in Old Town. As you explore the many museums and cultural centers, you will have a variety of shops and galleries to experience, as well. You will be able to choose from any number of restaurants and cafes, while you take in the Spanish-colonial architecture of the buildings. You can discover a number of art exhibits, sculptures, and nature. The botanical gardens are also located in Old Town. You can take a train from the gardens to the aquarium and end your day at the beach for a bit of fishing and relaxing.

If you prefer to let a professional guide you around this thriving city, consider one of the many tours. You could take one of the walking tours around the city. You could take a guided train-ride tour. You might also consider taking a Sculpture Garden tour. Most importantly, do not forget to take a self-guided culinary tour of Albuquerque. This is foodie city. You can experience any number of cuisines in the region; however, locals rave about the traditional fare unique to this region, as well as the fusion cuisine being introduced by the integration of cultures. Once you fill up on culinary delights, you might consider a bit of outdoor activity before your next meal.

After you explore the city, you might consider a bit of adventure just outside the city. Albuquerque is the gateway to outdoor adventure. If you enjoy a bit of excitement and challenging activities, you can hike dormant volcanoes in the area. If you like a more relaxing adventure, consider a horseback ride along the Rio Grande. You can also explore the many parks and trails by bicycle. Albuquerque is a highly progressive green city with some of the best air quality in the country making any trip to Albuquerque even more enjoyable.