Family Fun near Downtown Atlanta

Atlanta Family FunFun for the entire family is available today in Atlanta. Many vacationers worry about finding pleasing activities for their entire group to be excited about, but Atlanta has no shortages of opportunities. The Georgia Aquarium draws in hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. With so many cool exhibits, it's easy to see why it's a favorite destination for travelers. You'll be able to browse a selection of more than 100,000 species of fish from both salt water and fresh water. Beluga whales and whale sharks catch the eyes of visitors, too. You can grab a bite to eat and watch a nice movie during your time at the Aquarium as well.

Once you leave the Aquarium, you could then choose to explore the wonders of the World of Coca-Cola. The legendary, quintessentially-American soft drink company takes you on a tour of the factory where the fame began generations ago. You'll hopefully spend the time to see vintage advertisements that truly helped the soft drink giant solidify its status as a worldwide brand. You can also witness fascinating exhibits that involve the Coca-Cola products in different scenarios. You'll even be allowed to have samples of your favorite worldwide Coca-Cola drinks. Be sure to check out the souvenir shop before you leave for outstanding selections of specialty merchandise.

CNN's man headquarters are located in Atlanta, and a tour of their iconic facility provides another enjoyable family outing. You'll find a first-hand experience of how a newscast is produced, scripted, and aired for the national audience to see. The integrative weather maps are also explained in great detail to tourists. The busy preparation that goes on behind the scenes of the CNN newsroom interests multiple groups of people. You'll never again wonder how the news process occurs, because you'll have taken a tour of the place where all the fast-paced action takes place.

The Atlanta Braves play family-oriented baseball at Turner Field. Going to a baseball game engraves fond memories in the lives of children and parents alike. There's plenty of time between pitches and innings to enjoy ballpark food, dancing mascots, fireworks, and even free giveaways. The kids could participate in batting practice before the game, running the bases during the game, and perhaps even receiving some autographs from players after the game. Few activities allow a family to bond with such closeness and enjoyment as baseball games do at Turner Field in Atlanta. Even if the Braves don't win, you'll still cherish every moment of the game action that you spent together as a family.