Atlantic City Weather

Atlantic City WeatherIf you are planning a trip to Atlantic City, then you definitely want to think about the weather. Atlantic City weather fluctuates each season because Atlantic City is located on the East Coast of the United States. Since Atlantic City is located very close to the ocean, the area is on average much cooler than other areas in New Jersey. Whether you are planning a trip during the spring, summer, winter or fall, you should take the time to bring appropriate attire that is suitable for Atlantic City weather.

Atlantic City Weather During The Spring and Summer
Each year, thousands of people flock to Atlantic City because of its world famous casinos and boardwalk. Whether you plan on visiting one or more of the casinos or strolling along the boardwalk, you will be glad you planned a trip to Atlantic City. Before heading out, take the time to do some research on Atlantic City weather before you start packing.

Atlantic City during the spring and summer is always a bit cooler than other parts of New Jersey because the the city is located right on the ocean. The cool breeze from the ocean during the summer and spring is so refreshing. During the spring months the temperature in Atlantic City ranges anywhere from 60-75F. During the summer, it gets a bit warmer and the average temperatures range from anywhere from 70-90F.

Atlantic City Weather During The Fall and Winter
The weather in the city during the fall and winter is much cooler. During the fall the average temperature ranges anywhere from 50-65 F. Even though Atlantic City gets very cold during the winter months, people from all around the world travel to this hot spot each year. Atlantic City temperatures can go as low as 20F in the winter, but this does not stop people from visiting Atlantic City. There is just so much to do and see in Atlantic City.

Even during the cold winter months people take the time to stroll along the Atlantic City boardwalk. In addition to all of the casinos and entertainment, the Atlantic City boardwalk is one of many reasons why so many people visit Atlantic City each year. Although the boardwalk is most popular during the spring and summer, many of the stores and restaurants on the boardwalk remain open year round. Whether you decide to visit during the spring, summer, fall or winter, make sure you take the time to pack the proper attire for Atlantic City weather.