Atlantic City Transportation

Atlantic City TransportationLocated in a scenic area of the East Coast, Atlantic City has long been a popular vacation destination for families, as well as for singles and couples. With its abundance of sights, hotels and activities, the city has had to come up with plenty of ways for tourists to get around, so transportation is rarely a problem.

One of the easiest ways to get around Atlantic City is by using its jitneys. These are 13-passenger buses that run regular, established routes throughout the whole city. Jitney stops can be found at many different locations throughout the city, from as far inland as Jackson Avenue all the way out to the far reaches of Pacific Avenue. Many popular locations, such as shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and casinos, are included on the list of stops. Jitneys run all day, every day, to take customers around the city. Four different routes have been established, with frequent rider tickets available to help cut down on the cost of individual rides.

Another unique way to traverse Atlantic City is in one of its "rolling chairs." These chairs run on human power, since they are pushed by attendants. Rolling chair service is available five days a week from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m., with Friday and Saturday being the only excluded days. One or two passengers may ride along and pay a rate that is charged either by the number of blocks traveled or the amount of time the trip takes. Rolling chairs are great ways to get around Atlantic City while still seeing the sights.

As is the case in most major cities, taxi service is also available in Atlantic City. The service in Atlantic City is closely monitored, however, and a cap is set on charges. Up to five people may ride a taxi within the city limits of Atlantic City and expect to pay no more than $13. Any tips are added on top of that amount. Taxi queues are available outside of most casinos and other major tourist locations, and companies may also be called on the phone to reserve a ride.

There are various other, miscellaneous modes of transportation around Atlantic City. Bicycles are a regular sight along the Boardwalk, and may be brought or rented. Many hotels offer shuttle services that will pick up guests from the airport and take them to the hotel, and then to casinos and other locations during their stays. Finally, thanks to the close proximity of many of Atlantic City's major attractions to one another, walking is one of the most commonly accepted modes of transportation.