Austin Events

Austin EventsThere are not too many cities in the world that hold more great yearly events than Austin, Texas. While there are a wide range of events occurring in Austin throughout the year, these are the four events that everyone must experience.

Austin City Limits
Austin City Limits is a music festival that takes place every year in either September or October. Austin City Limits was established in 2002, and it features three days of music from some of the biggest rock, folk and alternative artists. There are over 100 artists performing over the three days on eight different stages, so there is always great music happening. Some of the biggest stars to perform at Austin City Limits are Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam, Neil Young and Stevie Wonder.

Austin Film Festival
Some of the best filmmakers in the world have been coming to Austin every October for the Austin Film Festival since 1994. Films of all types are shown throughout the festival in hopes to take home one of the prestigious awards given to the best films. There are also several conferences and panel discussions involving some of the best actors, writers and directors in television and film at the Austin Film Festival. Some of the great films that have been screened at the Austin Film Festival include Slumdog Millionaire, Juno and Up in the Air.

South by Southwest
If you like what the Austin Film Festival and Austin City Limits have to offer, then South by Southwest is an ideal event for you to attend. South by Southwest is a combination film and music festival that has been taking place every March since 1987. Just like the Austin Film Festival, South by Southwest involves several conferences involving greats in the entertainment world. The music festival portion of South by Southwest features thousands of bands playing at various music venues throughout Austin. The films Bridesmaids, 21 Jump Street and The Cabin in the Woods have all made their premier at South by Southwest.

Fun Fun Fun Fest
Fun Fun Fun Fest is another music festival that has been taking place in Austin every November since 2006. Fun Fun Fun Fest prides itself on bringing together lesser known bands with mainstream bands that do not regularly tour. There is no better music festival to see the band you have been waiting years to see in concert along with some great bands that are about to hit it big. Fun Fun Fun Fest also features a comedy stage where some of the best stand-up comedians perform their act.