Family Fun near Downtown Austin

Family Fun in Austin TxSpending time with your family is an important part of any family vacation. It is great to get away from home and spend time enjoying each others company and have fun. While in Austin, there are many things to do and attractions to see with your family.

Austin Duck Adventures is located at 300 Pressler Street in Austin. You and your family can see much of Austin from a different view while on this amazing tour. The tour is taken aboard an amphibious Hydra Terra vehicle which allows for you to be on land and water throughout the tour. From this unique view, you will be able to see the Governor's mansion, the State Capital Building, Historic Sixth Street, and even Lake Austin from both the land and on water.

The Austin Zoo, located at 10807 Rawhide Trail, is a great place to see amazing animals with the ones you love. Over 300 animals of over 100 different species reside at this zoo. The Austin Zoo also doubles as an Animal Sanctuary which helps to rescue animals. While at the zoo, you can get an up close look at all of the animals as you walk around within the peaceful setting.

Blazer Tag Adventure Center, located at 1701 West Ben White Boulevard, is a great place to go for fun and entertainment. This ten-thousand square foot building with three stories was formerly a movie theater. It has been transformed into the place to go for an amazing game of laser tag. There is a video arcade as well. When your time of play has been finished, you could choose to have a bite to eat before heading off to your next destination.

Dinosaur Park, located at 893 Union Chapel Road, is a great place to go for fun as well as for education. It is a museum where you can learn more about the dinosaurs that had roamed this earth millions of years ago. Something that sets Dinosaur Park apart from other museums is the dinosaur replicas. Not only are there skeletons of dinosaurs, but there are replicas of dinosaurs that are life-sized, including a 40-foot T-Rex. Some of the other activities that can be found here are picnic area, playground, and the chance to complete a fossil-dig.

With all of the family attractions that Austin has to offer, you are sure to find just the right ones for you and your family.