Baltimore Transportation

Baltimore TransportationThe city of Baltimore, Maryland, is easy to get to due to its centralized location on the East Coast. Luckily it is also easy to get around once you arrive thanks to plenty of transportation options.

One of the newest and fastest ways to get around downtown Baltimore is by using the Charm City Circulator. This brand new shuttle bus line includes 21 hybrid electric buses that take passengers to and from major landmarks and streets on three different, regular routes. Circulator buses connect citizens with points of interest on Federal Hill, the North Charles Arts District, Mercy Hospital, the University of Baltimore and Charles and St. Paul streets. There is no cost to ride any of these special shuttles, and stops are made along all routes approximately every 10 minutes. Hours for shuttle service last from very early in the morning to very late at night, and routes are run seven days a week. Stops include various shops, restaurants, museums and other attractions that are popular in the downtown area.

With its location on the water, it only makes sense that another good way to get around Baltimore is via water. The city is home to an extensive water taxi service that includes stops at the aquarium, science center, various harbors and points, Captain James Landing and even Fort McHenry, among others. Commuter service is free on weekdays, and affordable programs for frequent riders are also available.

A major mode of public transportation in Baltimore is the bus system. The Maryland Transit Administration regulates the city's bus system, which offers affordable rides throughout the city most hours of the day and night. The MTA also operates a subway system throughout the Baltimore area that takes passengers on quick underground journeys from one point to another. Various bus and subway routes are scheduled daily, with maps available online and at boarding points throughout the city. One day, weekly and monthly passes are available for both public bus and subway lines in Baltimore.

Finally, inter-city transportation is rounded out by taxis and rented vehicles. Various companies run taxi services that may be called upon on demand for rides around the city to various addresses and points of interest. Cabs can be hailed on the spot or companies may be called ahead of time for specific vehicle reservations. Privately run companies also offer luxury vehicle and limo rentals for more stately rides around Baltimore.