Boston Attractions

Attractions near Boston, MAPlanning a trip to Boston, Massachusetts is simple when you are familiar with the different attractions that can be found throughout the city. From teenage hangouts to sports complexes and historic landmarks, Boston has a little something of everything. When traveling through New England, be sure to check out these popular attractions to make the most out of your stay.

Fenway Park
Fenway Park is known as one of Boston's most popular attractions. This major league baseball park is the oldest one in the entire country and is home to the famous Boston Red Sox baseball team. While the park is quite a bit smaller than many newer arenas, this intimate facility gives guests the feeling as if though they are right in the middle of the action. Food and beverages are sold during all games so that you can enjoy a hot dog and cold beer while rooting on your favorite team. Private tours of Fenway Park are also available, taking visitors into the rival team's locker room, to the dugout and into the middle of the field.

Boston Public Library
While a trip to the library may not sound like much of an attraction, the Boston Public Library has a vast history behind it and is located in a prime area in the center of the city. This tourist attraction was the very first large municipally-funded public library in the country. Browse through the wide collection of books that can be found here, as well as a unique map collection, area for internet connections and circulating book displays. Conference rooms are also available for meetings and get-togethers.

Boston Harbor Islands National Park
Boston Harbor Islands National Park is made up of 34 islands that can be found off the shore in the Boston Harbor. While each island is relatively small, some offer unique experiences that you will not find elsewhere. Head to 12 of the 34 islands via ferry service and explore the area. View historic lighthouses, take a hike through the forest, swim in the ocean water, camp, boat and more. George's Island is one of the more well-known islands within the national park and is the home of Fort Warren.

New England Holocaust Memorial
Pay your respects to the victims of the tragic Holocaust event at the New England Holocaust Memorial. Many visitors travel from around the world to see the 6 glass towers that serve several representations. They stand for the 6 million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust, the 6 Nazi concentration camps and the number of candles that can be found on the Jewish menorah.