Family Fun near Downtown Boston

Family Fun in Boston, MAAs a family-oriented destination, Boston offers a variety of educational and fun opportunities for both children and their parents. History is woven throughout Boston’s fabric, but the city also has modern marvels that will delight children and expand their horizons.

The Boston Aquarium is a state of the art facility famous for its marine exhibits. Conveniently located on the downtown waterfront, an afternoon can be enjoyed learning about the mysteries of the sea and ongoing efforts to preserve this unique and fragile environment.

The sea is always close by in Boston, which is a working port with strong traditions. The USS Constitution, the oldest commissioned naval vessel still afloat, offers free tours by experienced U.S. Navy sailors. Old Ironsides is docked only a few blocks away from the Bunker Hill Monument that commemorates one of the most famous battles of the American Revolution. The view from the top of the monument offers stunning views of the city and of Boston Harbor while a tour of the grounds offers an exciting lesson in American history.

The largest zoo in New England is located in Boston. The Franklin Park Zoo is set on 72 acres in Franklin Park, an urban oasis designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. Exhibits include the Tropical Forest, Serengeti Crossing, Outback Kingdom and Butterfly Landing.

Not all excursions in Boston need to be educational. Visiting Castle Island at the end of the South Boston peninsula is a Boston tradition. Castle Island is named for the Civil War era fort that stands on the former island. Walking around the fort’s perimeter presents breathtaking views of the harbor as well as a causeway that leads to miles of soft, sandy beaches. Castle Island lies under the flyway approach to Boston Airport, so airplanes continually fly overhead en route from faraway destinations.

Home to notable fine art museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts and the Harvard Art Museum, as well as numerous small galleries, the Boston area is home to high culture. In addition, Boston has a world-class symphony and the Theater District regularly shows Broadway plays and lyric opera.

There are over 100 colleges and universities in the Boston area, making the city an ideal place to inspire the idea of advanced education. The campuses of these colleges are picturesque and most offer small museums and exhibits on an ongoing basis, especially at Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Harvard Medical School. The Ether Dome in Massachusetts General Hospital is an operating room open to the public where anesthesia was first demonstrated to be effective.