Shopping near Downtown Boston

Shopping in Boston, MAAs the largest city in New England, Boston offers a variety of shopping opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else.

Faneuil Hall and the Quincy Market are old buildings in the heart of downtown dedicated to open air shopping and entertainment. Small shops fill the stalls with a number of souvenir and luxury goods. The dining options in Quincy Market make shopping a pleasure, and the street performers make for pleasant diversions between stores.

Newbury Street has been called one of the most picturesque and quaint shopping streets in the city. Its shady sidewalks are home to upscale shops and stores that cater to local residents. Most of these stores are small enterprises, providing unique shopping options in addition to the large chain stores that are on Boylston Street, a block away.

Boston is a city of neighborhoods, the largest of them being Dorchester. By taking the Red Line of the T, what they call the subway system in Boston, visitors can get off at Andrew Station and find themselves in Boston’s famous Polish Triangle. Eastern European delicacies and small groceries abound in this area along Dorchester Avenue.

Dorchester Avenue, also called Dot Ave, is a five mile long street that runs from the South Boston neighborhood for five miles in a straight line to the city limits. Along the way, the street runs through a heavily Vietnamese area filled with specialty shops, as well as older Irish-American communities that have so long added to Boston’s cultural heritage. Filled with locally owned small businesses, shopping in Dorchester is small town shopping with a big city’s variety.

The Green Line runs past Kenmore Square in the neighborhood of Fenway Park. As one may suspect, this area is full of Red Sox-themed shops and sports bars selling memorabilia celebrating Boston’s favorite team. Further along the Green Line is Coolidge Corner in neighboring Brookline, where an antique picturesque shopping mall is the center of attention, in addition to smaller luxury shops and sundry sellers.

No matter what a person is looking for in Boston, he or she will find it. From antiques to antiquarian books, from high fashion to discounted clothing. The tradition of Filene’s Basement continues in the various clothing retailers that offer bargains that are unheard of in other cities. High end jewelry, furnishings, and craftwork is available all over Boston on its main streets and in out of the way locations. A bustling city thrives on commerce, and Boston is no different. As a shopping destination, Boston is ideal.