About Buffalo

Information about Buffalo, NYAs the second largest city in New York, Buffalo stands above many others as a great place to take a significant other or an entire family on a trip. It is located alongside Lake Erie and offers everything from watersports in the summer to winter sports during the cold months, and dining, shopping and lodging opportunities abound in this city as well.

Buffalo got its start as a fur trading community in 1789 and its growth took off once the Erie Canal was completed. Through the years it served as a major railroad center and stop on shipping routes. During the 1970s much of the trade and transportation routes through Buffalo were abandoned and its population bottomed out in the 1990s. However, the city then experienced a revitalization as the economic, health care and education industries began to take off, and today Buffalo is home to approximately 1.2 million people. The city was named one of the best places to raise a family by Forbes magazine in 2010.

One of the greatest attractions to the city is its proximity to Lake Erie. It is also found at the start of the Niagara River, and offers easy access to Niagara Falls. The city enjoys springs summers with temperatures in the 70s and 80s and enough rainfall to keep grass, trees and flowers green. In the winter, Buffalo regularly receives snowfall and enough cold weather to bring winter sports enthusiasts out in droves.

In addition to outdoor activities, Buffalo is a mecca for those who enjoy architecture, the arts, food and music. Buffalo got its start as a "melting pot" of different nationalities, and many cultures are still experienced today in the food, theater productions, music and art produced in the area. Cultural tourism is an expanding draw to the Buffalo area for this reason. Restaurants abound, offering everything from chain-style dining to "mom and pop" shops offering specialized goods that can be obtained nowhere else.

The city is home to more than 50 private and public art galleries that regularly offer shows of both contemporary and modern artwork. Art festivals bring thousands of people to the Buffalo area each year to sample some of the artistic tastes of the people there. Finally you have night life, which starts early and ends late in Buffalo. Last call at public establishments is 4 a.m, and there are plenty of places to have a good time. If festivals are more your style, Buffalo has something to offer in the form of food, wine, theater or music during every season.