Buffalo Weather

Weather in Buffalo, NYBuffalo New York is one of those wonderful locations within the United States that gets to enjoy the changing seasons. As this city goes from snowy white winters to warm springs, enjoyable summer temperatures, and then crisp falls there is always a special beauty to be found.

Summers are ideal in the Buffalo area. The warm, but not too hot, days are nicely balanced with cooler nights. Daytime temperatures are in the mid to high 70’s on average, but there are plenty of days in the 80’s that are perfect for swimming and sun worshipping along Lake Erie’s beaches. The best part of summer in this city is that even on the hottest days you can count on cooler evenings, great for sleeping.

Autumn is spectacular in this part of the country. Buffalo is within a short drive of several beautiful forested regions with rolling hills. When the cooler days bring on the change of color in the leaves, this area is amazing. Bring along plenty of warmer clothing at this time of year. During the day you can expect temperatures in the 50’s, and expect the nights to drop as low as the 30’s. Keep in mind that November is Buffalo’s wettest month, with 3.92 inches of rain each year.

Autumn heralds in Buffalo’s winter wonderland. Experiencing a white Christmas is pretty much a given in this city. Due to their position along Lake Erie they get plenty of snowfall from the lake effect precipitation, meaning the flakes start falling earlier than in most places. This is wonderful for the many ski resorts found in this section of New York. Bring along plenty of clothing to bundle up in, and enjoy some time on the slopes skiing, tubing, or snowboarding. January is the coldest month with temperature hovering around 17 degrees Fahrenheit.

February is Buffalo’s driest month with only 2.42 inches of rainfall on average. This is followed by a much anticipated spring season. Day time temperatures slowly creep up through the 50’s and 60’s over the course of the next few months. Nights are still quite chilly, but the warm sunshine brings about all of the first flowers of the year. The surrounding forested areas come alive with Mountain Pinks and all sorts of natural wild flowers. Rainfall stays about the same as the rest of the year, with around three to three and a half inches per month.