Buffalo Dining

Dining in Buffalo, NYLeft Bank
This is a modern restaurant located in the heart of the city. It offers a variety of dishes including lobster, steak and pasta. A light appetizer that is filling is the peppers in sauce. It is a mixture of green and red peppers that are sliced and laid in a thick sauce that has a hint of spice. The shrimp pasta has a creamy sauce on top of it and there are small bits of lobster in the pasta. Jazz music is played during the week, and the atmosphere is eclectic.

Paula’s Donuts
If you are looking for a sweet treat between meals or for dessert, then try this amazing little shop. There is a wide variety of pastries with different fillings. The red velvet cake is one of the most popular donuts in the store. It has a light cream cheese frosting on top, and the cake is very moist. You can order a box of treats to take home, or the shop can cater to an event.

Mulberry Café
When you visit the Mulberry Café, you will think that you have traveled to Italy. The restaurant serves authentic Italian meals including lasagna and spaghetti. The portions are very large. It is a great place to go on a date or with the family. Bread comes with your meal, and you can order a drink at the bar while you are waiting on your food. Reservations are advised.

Suzy Q’s Barbecue Shack
This is the place you want to eat at if you crave pulled pork BBQ on a large bun. The restaurant cuts its own fries, and serves a large scoop of slaw with each meal. You can get the meat with no sauce on it and a cup of sauce on the side, or your meal can come with sauce already on the meat in the flavor that you want. The ribs fall off the bone, and the cornbread is light and fluffy.

Pizza Plant
This friendly restaurant serves possibly the best pizza in the area. It is great for families, but there is a bar. Items at the salad bar include lemon chicken, peppers and a variety of other meats and vegetables. The restaurant gives children a small piece of dough to play with and shape before the meal arrives. You can choose from a large selection of toppings, and the sauce is made in the restaurant.