Calgary Transportation

Calgary TransportationCalgary is well connected to the Province of Alberta and the rest of Canada through multiple modes of transportation. The Trans-Canada Highway runs directly through the heart of Calgary, making this major city accessible from all corners of the country. Running for nearly 5,000 miles across all of Canada, the Trans-Canada Highway is one of the longest highways in the world. This major road essentially links Calgary with some of the largest cities in all of the provinces in Canada. Hamilton, Ottawa, Montreal, Regina, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver are all connected to the Trans-Canada Highway. However, the drive between Calgary and some of these major Canadian cities will surely be a day long road trip. Calgary is also linked to Alberta's capital city via another major highway. The drive between Calgary and Edmonton on Alberta 2 Highway is just over 200 miles long.

To avoid an exhausting journey by car, tourists can take a flight directly to Calgary. Served by major carriers such as Air Canada, the Calgary International Airports offers non stop flights to the largest cities in Canada and several other domestic destinations. Of course, Calgary's main airport also can be used for international direct flights to the United States, Europe, Asia, the Pacific region and other parts of the world. Calgary International Airport is located only several miles away from Downtown Calgary and there are convenient ground transportation options available. Eight car rental companies make it easy to drive off from the airport to anywhere in the Calgary region. Intercity buses, hotel shuttles, taxis and limousines all wait to pick up passengers near the terminals at Calgary International Airport.

A great way to navigate the city of Calgary is to use public transportation provided by Calgary Transit. This local transit authority operates a bus network that consists of more than 150 routes circulating the city of Calgary. Passengers should know that Calgary Transit buses provide very limited to service outside of the city's limits.

Calgary Transit also operates a Light Rail System that is known as the C Train. This rapid transit rail network consists of two lines. Known as Route 201, The Red Line runs between Crowfoot and Summerset/Bridlewood stations. Using the code name Route 202, The Blue Line operates between 7th Street SW and Saddletowne. Transfers can be made between the two lines in multiple stations in Downtown Calgary such as at City Hall. Unfortunately, Calgary is the largest city in Canada to lack long distance rail service so Via Rail Canada journeys cannot be taken to this part of Alberta.