Calgary Events

Events in Calgary AlbertaCalgary Stampede
Celebrating just over 100 years, Calgary Stampede takes place for 10 days every July. Called the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth,” it is North America's biggest rodeo. The rodeo itself is exciting, and worth visiting even just to experience the atmosphere and staggering number of consumable deep fried items. In addition to the rodeo, there is a parade, rides, live music in the streets, and free stampede breakfasts offered by many businesses in town. Bring your cowboy hat and boots – people in the city dress Western style for the entire week in celebration.

Calgary Fringe Festival
Unusual, unforgettable and uncensored. Experience Fringe Festival in Calgary. You can attend over 160 performances in 9 days of 27 local, national, and international performances. From kids theatre, musicals, and spoken word, to dramas, comedies, and improvisation – whatever your preference is, everyone will be delighted and surprised by something at the Calgary Fringe Festival. The first Fringe Festival began in Scotland in 1947, and Calgary's Fringe Festival was founded in 2006. All the venues are within a 10-minute walk of each other, making it easy for you to catch multiple shows in one day.

Funny Fest, Calgary Comedy Festival
Calgary's annual summertime Funny Fest showcases over 70 local and international performers, approximately 125 comedy events and over 11,0000 punchlines. Started in 2001 by stand-up comic Stu Hughes, it is now Western Canada's largest comedy festival. Funny Fest is a non-profit organization promoting health, well-being, and belly laughs.

Calgary Dragon Boat Race & Festival
Dragon boat racing began in China approximately 2,000 years ago. The Dragon Boat Festival honors the well-loved poet and philosopher Qu Yuan, who drowned himself in the river. His local admirers paddled out on boats to scare away the fish and try to find his body. They also dropped sticky rice dumplings into the river so the fish would eat this instead of Qu Yuan's body. The Calgary Dragon Boat race draws a large crowd of over 2,000 people and 750 competitors in teams of 20 on the Glenmore Reservoir. Various ceremonial dances and cultural performances take place in the beer gardens along the Reservoir.

Calgary Reggae Festival
Taking place every year in late August, Reggae Festival features some of the best international reggae musicians and also emphasizes the promotion of Canadian reggae. The main event is 12 continuous hours of reggae in Shaw Millenium Park. Festival-goers fondly refer to themselves as “Rastagarians,” Calgarians who celebrate the music and values of Carribean culture.