Shopping near Downtown Calgary

Shopping in Calgary AlbertaCalgary, Alberta is home to more than 15,000 stores and shops. At least 60 percent of these shopping destinations are locally owned and operated by local residents who take great pride in their merchandise and interesting store layouts.

Here is an overview of some of Calgary’s most popular shopping destinations that can help you plan your next Calgary shopping adventure effortlessly.

Many of Calgary's popular shopping destinations are located east of the downtown area near some of Calgary's oldest residential neighborhoods including Monterrey Park, Vista Heights and Forest Lawn.

Some of the most popular shopping attractions located east of Calgary's downtown area include locally owned flower shops and gourmet food stores. Other popular shopping attractions include sporting goods stores and home furniture shops. These shopping destinations are popular tourist attractions because they feature cozy exteriors and simple Space Age designs that invite shoppers to shop at their own pace.

Other popular shopping destinations are located south of the downtown area near Glenmore Park. These shopping destinations are known for their interesting selection of curios and home décor items. They are also known for their interesting interiors that mimic the interior designs used in Calgary's most beautiful Victorian homes.

Calgary's downtown area is home to several locally owned clothing boutiques. They are well-known for their large selection of designer dresses, formal wear and suits. Most of these stores are located near popular attractions including Shaw Millennium Park, Prince's Island and the Calgary Stampede Fairgrounds.

Calgary's downtown area is also home to several upscale jewelry stores that offer a fine selection of handcrafted bracelets, rings and watches. Many Calgary residents enjoy visiting these stores because they offer shoppers one of Canada's largest selections of diamond and platinum jewelry.

Moreover, Calgary is known for its high-quality malls. This is hardly surprising because Calgary's malls offer visitors one of Canada's largest selections of bookstores, discount stores, electronics stores and shoe stores.

Many of Canada's most popular malls are located northwest of the downtown area near Montgomery Park. Many Calgary residents enjoy visiting these malls because they offer shoppers efficient customer service that can help you streamline your search for great deals on everyday items for your home.

Finally, Calgary is also known for its antique stores. These stores are popular tourist attractions because they offer visitors a fascinating selection of antiques that teach visitors about Alberta’s social history.

For example, be sure to visit the antique stores that are located near the University of Calgary. Visiting these stores is worthwhile because they offer visitors many antique books and lithographs that can help you learn about Alberta's fascinating history as a ranching community.