Cincinnati Dining

Cincinnati DinningCincinnati, Ohio, is the gateway to Kentucky, and its dining selections for tourists include a blend of Midwestern and Southern fare. Cincinnati is also a cosmopolitan city providing its residents and visitors alike the chance to taste upscale and international cuisine.

Cincinnati’s signature dish is Cincinnati chili. This is a kind of thin chili con carne sauce that is frequently served on hot dogs or over spaghetti noodles. It can also be served in a bowl, with cheddar cheese, onions, mustard, beans, or other toppings. Tourists who want to taste Cincinnati’s unique gift to the culinary world will want to try this dish at least once. Skyline Chili is one restaurant known for its Cincinnati-style chili. The original Skyline Chili is found on Vine Street downtown. Other places to get Cincinnati-style chili are Gold Star Chili, which serves chili the traditional way and inside burritos and even offers a vegetarian version, and Camp Washington Chili which is found in the Camp Washington area of downtown Cincinnati and is designed to resemble a 1950s-era diner.

Eli’s BBQ is the place to go for simple food with a Southern accent. This barbecue restaurant features ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, cornbread, coleslaw, and potatoes. It is found on Riverside Drive in the East End/Mount Washington area.

For a memorable dining experience, visitors to Cincinnati may want to walk into Melt Eclectic Deli on Hamilton Avenue, which offers a new take on the hot sandwich. There are vegan and gluten-free options, cheeses made without rennet, and organic vegetables and meats stuffed between whole grain bread slices or wrapped into wrap sandwiches. Interesting options include the veggie cheesesteak or the Kirby Melt with baked tofu. A breakfast menu is also available, as is a weekly Sunday brunch, featuring many inventive vegan and vegetarian choices.

Bakersfield OTR downtown on Vine Street offers Mexican street fare, like tacos with several filling options, including braised pork, crispy fish, or corn truffles with roasted poblano peppers. Mexican torta sandwiches, chips with queso dip, and tequila and whiskey are also served. Patrons can dine outdoors as well.

Green Papaya on Wasson Road in the Hyde Park/Mount Lookout Area features Thai cuisine and sushi. Thai cuisine classics are served, including spring rolls, pineapple fried rice and pad Thai noodles, along with various curry dishes. Sushi can be ordered with fillings such as octopus, clam, or barbecued eel. Vegan and vegetarian dishes are served along with meat dishes.