Cleveland Weather

Cleveland WeatherCleveland Ohio is one of those wonderful cities that get to enjoy the change of seasons. Although the summers can be hot, and the winter extremely snowy, there is fun to be had at any point in time.

The summers in Cleveland can be very hot and sunny. Average temperatures are in the 80’s, but one can expect cooler days in the mid to high 70’s, as well as afternoons that reach into the high 90’s. Summer is the season to take advantage of the many beaches along Lake Erie. In addition to sun worshipping, Cleveland summers are perfect for spending a day at nearby Cedar Point, as this time of year tends to be drier than others.

Don’t look for the evenings to be much cooler than the daytime. Fahrenheit temperatures in the 60’s to 70’s are very common during the night. You’ll want to make sure your accommodations have air conditioning, but warmer nights mean the fun doesn’t end at sundown. Shopping, dining, and touring can all be enjoyed comfortably, well into the night.

Fall is glorious around Cleveland. It is the ideal time to explore the metro parks. Cooler temperatures in the lower 60’s and 50’s make outdoor activities perfect. The cooler weather brings about the change of color in the leaves. Nature paints a beautiful array of reds, gold, and yellows across the landscape that can’t be missed.

It’s not uncommon during most years to see the first few snowflakes as the football season winds down and the anticipation of the holidays sets in. Temperatures begin to drop further into the 40’s.

You’ll know when winter arrives in Cleveland Ohio. Lake effect snows bring a blanket of white from the city on East, well before many other areas see snow. For those with travel plans on the east side, make sure to keep a close watch on the weather forecasts. It is not uncommon for deep snow and large drifts to close the main highways and interstates.

Don’t let the snow scare you away from experiencing Cleveland in the winter. Dependable snow makes the local ski resorts the place to be. While there may be snow, temperatures stay in the range of the 30’s. This makes outdoor activities quite enjoyable.

The reward for seeing another winter through is a fairly warm spring, filled with a spectacular array of spring blooms to enjoy. Daytime highs can be in the 60’s, with plenty of sunny days.