Cleveland Transportation

Cleveland TransportationThere are a number of interstates and roadways for people driving in and around the city of Cleveland. Interstate 77 comes up from the south end of Cleveland. It connects with Highway 71, which is known to locals as the Medina Freeway. Highway 2 travels along the coast of Lake Erie and goes through the heart of the city. It connects with Interstate 90. Interstate 90 goes southwest and northeast. This interstate travels through the city. Important roads in the city of Cleveland include Superior Avenue, Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, St. Clair Avenue, East 55th Street and West 25th Street. In Cleveland, numbered roads, such as West 25th Street and East 55th Street, go south and north. Avenue roads, such as St. Clair Avenue and Superior Avenue, go east and west.

The Great Cleveland Regional Transit Authority serves the city of Cleveland and the surrounding area. The nickname is RTA. The RTA has a rapid transit system called the RTA Rapid Transit. It is known to locals as The Rapid. This transit system has three lines. Those lines are the Red Line, the Blue Line and the Green Line. The Red Line brings people to a number of stops in Cleveland including Tower City in downtown Cleveland, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and the Windermere Station, which is northwest of the city. The Blue and Green Lines, although they both use the same rails at one part, split off and bring people to various parts of the Cleveland area. In fact, the Blue and Green Lines were extended at one point and the extension was called the Waterfront Line. This Line opened in 1996. It brings people to and from the waterfront to downtown.

In addition to having Rapid Transit, the Great Cleveland Regional Transit Authority has a terrific bus system. Cleveland buses cover all areas of the city and bring people to where they need to be. There are regular stops in downtown including stops at Progressive Field. The RTA opened a rapid transit bus line in 2008.

One of the largest ports on the Great Lakes is the Port of Cleveland. It is located at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River. It is a center for transportation as a number of materials are transferred from ships to truck and trains.

There are two airports in Cleveland. The biggest airport is the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. In addition to serving passengers, it works at transporting freight. The second airport in Cleveland is the Burke Lakefront Airport. This airport serves air taxis and corporate jets.