Cleveland Events

Cleveland EventsMarc's Great American Rib Cook-Off & Music Festival
For a finger-lickin' time, head on over to Marc's Great American Rib Cook-Off & Music Festival. Held every May in downtown Cleveland, this barbeque festival combines the heartiness of a good meal with the soul of the local music scene. Enjoy ribs, shish kebabs and delicious pork sandwiches while musicians of every genre vie for the honor of the loudest cheers. The only limits are the ones imposed by your belt loops!

St. Patrick Day's Parade
Grab your shamrocks and a merry cup of ale, because the St. Patrick's Day Parade is one of Cleveland's biggest celebrations of the year, drawing a record-breaking 500,000 people in 2012 alone. From marching bands to giant helium leprechauns, it's an event filled with enthusiasm, creativity, and of course, plenty of good old-fashioned Irish drinking. You'll also enjoy a great sense of community as you stand among two hundred floats and a sea of spectators decked out in green, and isn't that what Irish culture is all about?

First Night Akron
Not a fan of alcohol? Hit Cleveland in the New Year instead, where First Night Akron is appropriate for visitors of all ages. Held at various locations downtown but inevitably spilling into the streets as the night progresses, First Night Akron is city-wide celebration for the excitement of a brand new year. You'll enjoy everything from fireworks to live music to children running around in their not-quite-retired Halloween costumes. You don't have to say goodbye to your holiday spirit just yet, not with First Night Akron!

Ingenuity Cleveland
Ingenuity Cleveland combines fun and education to create one of the most unique events in the United States. Part festival, part science fair, it's all about exploring the possibilities of science, math and engineering, offering everything from light shows to build-it-yourself technology stalls. There are also artists camped in colorful booths and musicians providing a steady stream of live entertainment. Best of all, you can get this entire experience without paying a dime: Ingenuity Cleveland is completely free!

Bazaar Bizarre West
Empty your pockets at Bazaar Bizarre West, a quirky outdoor market that springs into existence just one weekend a year. The name of the game is DIY, and in the stalls of the Bazaar you'll have your pick of candles, knits, household wares, printed art collections and handmade jewelry. The Bazaar was originally started as a DIY movement in Boston but has since expanded to Cleveland, Los Angeles and San Fransisco, connecting an entire army of artists and craft enthusiasts. Feel like joining the movement?