Shopping near Downtown Cleveland

Cleveland ShoppingIn Ohio on the banks of Lake Erie, Cleveland is a busy modern city with much to see and do. Golf courses, spectator sports, cultural events and amusement parks are some of the attractions. With a large share of its economy based on manufacturing and finances and with its population of about 400,000, Cleveland is a great place to live as well as visit. Residents and guests to the city also have a generous selection for all their shopping needs. Here are some examples of favorite places to shop:

b. a. Sweetie Candy Company
A little out of the way to locate, this candy shop has the candy that cannot be found anywhere else. An extremely fun store in which to shop, customers pick and purchase the candy of their childhood. They can bring kids or come with friends and feel like kids wanting to buy out the store. One of the shop's winning offers is candy combinations by decade. People can select gift packages stuffed with the candy that was popular in the decade of their or their loved one's childhood like say in the 1960s or 1970s.

Campbell's Sweets Factory
Found in West Side Market as well as on W. 25th Street, Campbell's Sweets Factory is a specialty shop of popcorn and cupcakes. Candies and other delectable sweets are also found in this store.

Tower City Center
An exciting shopping experience, the Tower City Center in Public Square is an exquisite demonstration of Art Deco architecture. Building began on the site in 1922. The entire family can spend a day in this stunning complex. Besides the many different shops that call the complex home, restaurants and a theatre as well as offices and condominiums are found in the Tower City Center.

The Arcade
A beloved historic building, The Arcade was built in the 1890s. With the grandeur of the Victorian era, this building stands five stories high. The interior is stunning compared to the exterior. Inside the newly restored structure, boutique shops and interesting dining opportunities are numerous. The Arcade is also a perfect place for a group event like a wedding celebration.

West Side Market
In the neighborhood of Ohio City, the West Side Market is an amazing and historic indoor public market. The market is Cleveland's oldest enclosed shopping establishment, a well-loved landmark with a pleasant atmosphere. Local produce, fresh meats and a restaurant are some of what is found inside the market. The structure's architecture is beautiful and the interior is kept clean.