Dallas Transportation

Dallas TransportationThere are many different ways for visitors to get around the city of Dallas. One of the most popular options is the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) system. This is an extensive network of buses and trains that stop at nearly every popular destination throughout the city. The DART runs from the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport and Love Field Airport to the heart of the city. It stops at the Dallas Zoo, the Dallas Art District and the Fair Park. DART service maps are available in most hotels, at any DART station and at the many visitor centers located around Dallas. Day passes are available that allow anyone to get on and off the trains and buses as many times as necessary within a 24 hour period. The trains and busses are very clean and convenient although they can be crowded during rush hour on weekdays.

A very scenic way to get around Dallas is on the McKinney Avenue Streetcar Service. The service operates trolleys that were first constructed in the early 1900s. The renovated trolleys run up and down McKinney Avenue and some surrounding streets on a regular basis. The trolley is a good way to go from certain parts of downtown Dallas into the northern Dallas Arts District that contains museums and theaters. The trolleys run nearly all day and into the night. They arrive every 15 minutes during weekdays and every 30 minutes on weekends. The fares are very reasonable. Some of the trolley stops are actually very close to DART stations so that visitors can transfer between the two systems.

Taxis are readily available in downtown Dallas. They are frequently lined up outside of major tourist destinations and hotels. Cabs are not as common on the street. It might be difficult to hail one quickly from a corner. It is best to keep the number of one or more Dallas taxi companies or car services available. Most hotels will have a few numbers available for guests. Calling for a cab usually means that the driver will arrive at a location within 15 minutes or less. Taxis in Dallas are affordable and reliable.

There are a number of car rental companies available in Dallas. Some are freestanding storefronts while others are attached to the larger hotels in the city. Renting a car or van will allow a family to travel privately without worrying about schedules or late arrivals. There are several issues with renting a car in the city. One is that there might not be parking on the street if the car is being kept overnight. Some hotels provide parking although this should be checked in advance. The other issue is that Dallas has a very extensive and fast-paced highway system that links to a massive central interchange that can be confusing. Navigating the highways outside of the downtown area could be frustrating for first time visitors.