Denver Transportation

Denver TransportationRenting a Car
For visitors to Denver who will be heading outside the downtown area, renting a car makes a lot of sense. There are numerous car rental agencies available in the area, including both national and local companies. The local companies tend to offer more economical pricing for their rentals, but the national companies tend to have a much larger selection of vehicles from which to choose. There are many car rental companies that have a presence at the airport for those who are flying into Denver. Drivers should ensure they always keep the meter fed promptly when using parking meters downtown as the parking fines are vigorously enforced by Denver’s army of meter maids.

Light Rail
The light rail system is Denver is very fast for those who need to get between downtown and the southern suburbs of Denver.

The best public transportation option in Denver is the city’s bus system. It is very convenient and efficient. The buses run all over town and into the suburbs as well. The buses are all clean and modern, and the drivers are very helpful for visitors who have questions about where they are going. The bus system has a line that runs between downtown and the airport that is very handy for travelers. There is also a free shuttle bus that runs downtown which makes stops at most of the major tourist attractions in the city.

Denver does have some cold weather during the winter, but it is one of the sunniest cities anywhere in the country. This means that visitors who enjoy walking can get around on foot in Denver for most of the year. The city has wide sidewalks and is very pedestrian-friendly. The downtown area in particular is very kind to pedestrians. It has lots of pedestrian-only areas as well as loads of beautiful architecture to enjoy.

Denver is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities anywhere. All of the main streets in the city have bike lanes, and most drivers are quite courteous to the bike riders who they share the road with. There are also lots of bike trails that run all over town for bike riders to explore the city. There is a very helpful bike share program in Denver that allows users who purchase a membership to take bikes from the bike share stations found around town. Rides of up to 30 minutes in length are free. Rides of more than 30 minutes in duration are charged a small fee. Anyone that is visiting Denver and likes to ride bikes should make use of this great service.