Detroit Transportation

Detroit TransportationCar
The best way to get around Detroit is by driving. The city suffers from the urban sprawl that characterizes most major cities in the United States, so the majority of visitors will find it most convenient to use a rental car while they are in Detroit. The best place to rent a car for visitors to Detroit is at the airport upon arrival. Most of the national car rental chains have outlets located at the airport.

The traffic in Detroit is not too difficult to navigate, but it can get a little congested around rush hour. Drivers will find that there is ample parking throughout the city. Most places downtown will require visitors to pay for parking. This will either be in the form of meters or at the many parking ramps that dot the downtown area. Drivers should keep plenty of change on hand to feed the meters. Be sure to always be prompt when feeding the meters as the cash-strapped city employs an army of parking enforcement officers to hand out as many parking tickets as possible.

The sprawling nature of the city makes walking impractical in most areas, but the downtown offers travelers some very enjoyable walking opportunities. Be sure to be careful when walking at night due to crime concerns. Always stay in well-lit areas and avoid the more rundown parts of town.

Due to the population collapse in Detroit caused by its terrible economy, biking in the city is better here than in almost any other city in America. The streets are designed to handle many more cars than they see on a normal basis these days. This means bike riders will often find they have a whole lane to themselves when riding around Detroit’s city streets.

Visitors who want to use public transportation can use the Detroit Department of Transportation’s buses that service the entire city. These buses run on time for the most part, but they do take a while to roll around the city. The buses do go to all areas of the city, including the suburbs. Passengers should ask for a transfer upon boarding if they need one.

Visitors in downtown Detroit shouldn’t have too much trouble flagging down a taxi no matter what time of the day or night. They are clean and comfortable for the most part, and the drivers are fairly friendly and offer decent customer service. Most visitors to Detroit will find that they need to call for a cab when they are outside of downtown as it will be nearly impossible to flag one down.