Edmonton Events

Edmonton EventsEdmonton, Alberta, Canada, is known as “The Festival City,” which means that the calendar is filled with special events throughout the year. Many of the city's events are held in Churchill Square, which is located in the city's downtown district. One of the city's most popular annual events is The Works Art & Design Festival. This festival begins in late June and ends in the beginning of July. The purpose of this particular festival is to promote visual art and design pieces created by Canadian artists, but it also showcases fantastic works by non Canadians. This event has been taking place every year since its inception in 1986, and it costs nothing to attend. The artwork displayed during the festival is shown in a number of places throughout Churchill Square and the downtown section of the city.

The Edmonton International Street Performers Festival is another terrific annual event that takes place in Churchill Square. This event showcases the performances of talented artists, many of whom practice diligently throughout the year in order to display their talents to the public. This festival is held every July, and there is no cost for public attendance.

The most popular summertime event in Edmonton is K-Days. It was formerly known as Klondike Days , but the name was changed to Capital EX, for Capital Exhibition, in 2006. Many members of the public disagreed with the name change, which is why it was changed to the more familiar “K-Days” in 2012. Each year, the event runs during the latter part of July, and it attracts an annual crowd that approaches 800,000 people. K-Days has existed in one form or another since 1879, making it one of the area's oldest annual events.

Music fans have been enjoying trips to Edmonton for the Edmonton Folk Music Festival since its inception in 1980. Although it is called the Folk Music Festival, a number of different types of music are represented each year. Music at the festival comes from a number of traditional genres such as folk, blues, jazz, country and even reggae. The festival takes place over four days every August, and it is held at Gallagher Park.

Finally, fans of film love visiting Edmonton during the annual Edmonton International Film Festival. This film fest began as a small, three-day event in 1986, but is has expanded considerably since then. These days, the festival occurs over the course of nine days in September, and it features over 150 different films from creators who are based all over the world. As of the 2010 festival, all of the event's films are shown at Empire Theatres, which is located in the Edmonton City Centre.