Houston Dining

Houston DiningHouston is one of the best cities in the country for restaurant dining. The selection and quality of the thousands of gems make dining out a real pleasure. Of course, Texan-style steakhouses, Tex-Mex cuisine and seafood are extremely popular. Also growing in popularity are the small businesses that use mobile fleets of trucks and vans to serve tacos, chicken, cupcakes and more. Whatever anyone desires to eat is fantastic and readily available in Houston's huge metropolis.

When it comes to local food, Houston's farmers' markets, grocery stores and top restaurants offer the best from reputable local sources and farms. The San Jacinto River, the Bay of Galveston and the Gulf of Mexico provide crawfish, crabs, oysters and other crustacean as well as numerous fish. The Slow Dough Bakery bakes artisan breads for restaurants across the city. Houston Dairymaids makes wonderful cheeses of almost every kind imaginable. Corn, strawberries and watermelon are just a few of the locally grown produce brought in to the city from farms in the region.

When it comes to particular foods and cuisines, most of the districts in Houston have their specialties. Mahatma Ghandi District has its cuisine from India and Pakistan. The new Asian district on Bellaire Boulevard has small and large Chinese and other Asian restaurants. Then, Mexican and Tex-Mex dining taquerias and cafes are all over Houston, and West Houston has a wide range of restaurants featuring cuisines from around the globe.

Capturing glimpses of the most popular restaurants in the city of Houston where reservations for dinner are especially recommended for weekends stirs the hunger pains. For fine dining Texas style, Pappas Bros. Steakhouse serves steak as well as seafood and American dishes. An entire Japanese experience, Uchi provides artistic plates and a uniquely cultural atmosphere. The restaurant has a sushi bar. Still another well-loved place is Brennan's of Houston that provides an incredible mix of Creole and Cajun flavors and dishes. Brennan's has been in the city for 40 years. These and many restaurants like them provide Texas' finest foods.

The urban sprawl of Houston provides many distinct districts each with their own mini-cultures and food favorites. Locally grown items and seafood are available in markets and dining establishments. Some restaurants have grown to be famous and featured on TV and in food and travel magazines and websites. Others are just so well-known that residents and visitors frequent them. No matter what type of food is preferred, Houston has plenty of incredible places to find the dining experience and flavors of dreams.