Indianapolis Transportation

Indianapolis TransportationDriving by car is by far the most popular way of getting to Indianapolis. The capital city of the state of Indiana is situated along the intersection of several major interstate highways. Running for about 900 miles, Interstate 65 links all areas between Mobile, Alabama and Gary, Indiana along Lake Michigan. I-65 is also a major gateway into Chicago for anyone who is coming from areas south of Lake Michigan. Stretching for over 2,100 miles, Interstate 70 runs from Utah to Maryland and cuts through several Midwestern states. Interstate 69 directly connects Indianapolis with Lansing, the capital of Michigan. Interstate 74 is a 430 mile long highway that links Indiana's capital city with Cincinnati, the third largest city in Ohio. After arriving in Indianapolis, drivers can navigate the city and the surrounding communities by using the Interstate 485 loop highway.

Public transit in Indianapolis is provided by the Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation, also known as IndyGo. This transit authority operates more than 25 bus routes that circulate throughout Indianapolis. However, not all routes operate 7 seven days a week. For example, bus routes 11, 22, 30 and 55 run only during weekdays. Many of the IndyGo bus routes converge in the Downtown Area near Monument Circle, which is the best spot for transfers.

Located along South Street in the Downtown district, Indianapolis Union Station is served by two long distance Amtrak lines. The Cardinal route runs between Chicago and New York City and makes multiple stops in several states including Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The Hoosier State is a much shorter line that runs between Chicago and Indianapolis. IndyGo bus route 16 stops right near the Union Station.

Greyhound Lines buses pick up and drop off passengers near a dedicated transit center right near the Indianapolis Union Station. Greyhound offers intercity services between Indianapolis and dozens of other communities in Indiana and other Midwestern states.

Indianapolis International Airport welcomes more than 7 million passengers to Indianapolis each year. This airport is served by some of the biggest domestic airlines including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, US Airways and United Airlines. Indianapolis is directly connected to more than a dozen major cities in the United States thanks to these major airlines. IndyGo bus route 8 is the only service that stops at Indianapolis International Airport. Ground transportation options in this airport include eight car rental companies and several taxi and private shuttle operators. There are thousands of onsite parking spaces available at the airport including the garage and valet service.