Los Angeles Events

Los Angeles EventsLos Angeles, California, is known around the world as one of the foremost centers of the entertainment industry. The film industry, in particular, is quite prominent in Los Angeles, and there are numerous annual events that take advantage of the city's unique position in the world of filmmaking. Los Angeles hosts more film festivals than virtually any other city in the world, most of which occur each year. One of the most popular film festivals in the city is the Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival. This event occurs over the course of two weekends, and it features family-friendly entertainment in the form of more than 150 short films made specifically for kids and teens. Other notable film festivals in the city include the Going Green Film Fest, the Festival of Film Noir and AFI Fest.

Those who visit the city of Los Angeles during the end of February or the beginning of March can involve themselves in the hoopla surrounding the annual Academy Awards ceremony. Although it is nearly impossible to gain entry into the event itself, movie fans can see their favorite stars as they walk up and down the red carpet on Hollywood Boulevard in front of the Dolby Theater. The city buzzes with excitement during this event, and film fans are encouraged to join in the fun.

Of course, not all events in Los Angeles are centered around the film industry. The LA Marathon, for example, is one of the city's most popular annual events, and it draws thousands of athletes and spectators to the city each March. Those who do not participate in the LA Marathon can learn more about fitness by attending the Health and Fitness Expo, which is presented at Dodgers Stadium in concert with the race.

Since Los Angeles is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, conditions are fantastic for surfing during much of the year. Fans of surfing can see some of the sport's best athletes by attending the annual US Open of Surfing, which takes place at nearby Huntington Beach every August. Surfers compete for prizes and glory, while spectators get to enjoy one of the most beautiful sports ever devised.

For family fun, few Los Angeles events are more appropriate than the annual Los Angeles County Fair, which takes place in nearby Pomona. This event occurs at the beginning of September each year, and it features a wide variety of rides and other attractions. Admission is reasonably-priced, and visitors can find a large number of dining and entertainment options while they are inside the fairgrounds.