Louisville Dining

Louisville DiningKentucky is a southern state and some southern cuisine influences are a part of the food favorites in the great city of Louisville, the capital. However, the Kentucky Derby and international cooking influences the food preferences in the city. A few regional specialties, popular restaurants and more are part of the food culture in Louisville.

In Louisville and Kentucky, much of the culture is strongly centered on the Kentucky Derby that is an annual event in the city. Traditions even carry over into food. One of the best loved specialty foods is the Derby Pie that is like a pecan pie with chocolate chips added in the filling with the pecans. Another local favorite is burgoo, a stew hearty and thick with mutton or other game meat and vegetables. Then, the Hot Brown is a specialty started at the Brown Hotel restaurant in Louisville. The Hot Brown is bread or toast topped with turkey, bacon and Mornay sauce.

When it comes to trying restaurants, a historic place to start would be the English Grill at the Brown Hotel. Besides their open-faced sandwich known as the Hot Brown, other English and American dishes are on the menu and the fine dining atmosphere in the historic hotel is excellent. Otherwise of all the restaurants in the city, an overwhelmingly large number of the most popular establishments are found in the East Louisville and South Side neighborhoods. Here are examples of those top restaurants from these two neighborhoods:

Corbett's Restaurant: An American Place - An elegant dining opportunity, Corbett's serves authentic American and Kentucky local cuisine. The menu is seasonal.

Gasthaus German Restaurant - The right spot to find black forest cake, Gasthaus German Restaurant serves traditional German cuisine like spaetzel and schnitzel. The restaurant is owned by a family born in Germany. The restaurant has been in operation since 1993.

Havana Rumba - Marcos Lorenzo came from Cuba in 2000 and started the restaurant in 2004. Today, it is definitely a top choice. The food, music and atmosphere give guests a truly fantastic Cuban cultural experience.

Anything that people want to eat is found in Louisville. Still, visitors should try some of the local restaurant hot spots. From these establishments large and small, people can get to know the real city. Tasting local dishes and enjoying international cuisine in well-patronized local restaurants gives a good idea of the modern Louisville food scene.