Louisville Transportation

Louisville TransportationBeing the most populous city in Kentucky, Louisville is conveniently accessible through several major highways. Running for about 900 miles, Interstate 65 connects Louisville with communities in Alabama, Tennessee, Indiana and of course other parts of Kentucky. Stretching for about 1,000 miles, Interstate 64 runs through Kentucky, Missouri, Virginia and West Virginia. I-64 offers a direct path to major cities such as St. Louis and Lexington. Interstate 71 leads directly to the Cincinnati area in Ohio, which is located about 100 miles away. Interstate 264 is a beltway that surrounds Louisville while Interstate 265 is a shorter highway loop located across the river from the city in Indiana territory.

The Transit Authority of River City offers public transportation in Louisville. The TARC operates more than 50 bus routes throughout Kentucky's largest city and the neighboring suburban communities. A fleet of more than 240 buses makes every important part of Louisville accessible to the public. The TARC network consists of Local, Express, Downtown Shuttles and Shopper Shuttle lines. The 4TH Street Trolley and Main/Market Trolley offer convenient service in Downtown Louisville. Most of the TARC buses operate all year long so tourists should have an easy experience getting around the city anytime. Unfortunately, Louisville is one of the largest cities in the United States to lack passenger train service. This means that public transit in this city is only limited to bus service.

Louisville International Airport (SDF) is one of the busiest gateways into Kentucky's largest city. The airport is located only 7 miles south of Downtown Louisville. Serving more than 3 million passengers each year, SDF airport is the busiest airport in Kentucky. Louisville International Airport offers direct flights to more than ten major cities in the United States thanks to several big names in the American airline industry. American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways offer convenient nonstop service at Kentucky's busiest airport.

The TARC Route 2 - Second Street bus stops directly at the grounds of Louisville International Airport. This bus service also serves the Downtown Louisville area between Market Street and Broadway. The airport is also conveniently accessible by car as it is located right near the junction of Interstate 264 and Interstate 65. There are multiple garages and parking lots available at the airport to accommodate thousands of incoming vehicles. Of course, multiple rental car and taxi companies also provide ground transportation at Louisville International Airport. Additionally, many hotels offer courtesy shuttles because the airport is located so close to the Downtown Louisville district.