Manhattan Events

Manhattan EventsMany of the events held in Manhattan every year are free to the public or cost very little money. Most take place directly on the street or in Central Park. Visitors who are attending one of the many events in Manhattan should always arrive early and should bring along water and a snack since it can be hard to buy anything if a large crowd forms.

Shakespeare in the Park occurs during the summer every year in Central Park at an open-air theater. Professional actors give performances of the plays of Shakespeare as well as other classical pieces. The performances are held at night and are free. Tickets are available just outside of the theater on the day of the performance. Families should arrive an hour before the giveaway starts since the tickets go very quickly.

The Thanksgiving Day Parade starts outside of the main Macy’s store in Midtown Manhattan. The parade starts in the morning and ends by early afternoon. Some of the prime attractions include the large balloons floating over the streets and the many Broadway and dance performances given along the route. Families who are in Manhattan the night before the parade can go to the area to see the different balloons being inflated for the next day.

The Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors festival is held every year in the outdoor areas around the main building. The themes of these festivals vary from year to year. Some past festivals have included symphony orchestras, dance troupes from around the world and modern theatrical performances. The festival lasts for one to two weeks. Admission is generally free although there are special areas for members and paying customers.

One of the most famous events in Manhattan is the ball drop on New Year’s Eve. A large ball made from crystal panels is lowered slowly at midnight to mark the start of the New Year. This happens at Times Square. In the hours leading up to the ball drop there are many live musical performances. Anyone wanting to attend this free event will need to arrive very early in the day in order get a good spot.

The Tribeca Film Festival is an annual event that attracts some of the most famous stars in the world. This festival highlights new movies in all genres from drama to short experimental films. Many famous movies have premiered at this festival. Tickets should be purchased as far in advance as possible. There are also special passes available that allow access to limited screenings and discussion panels.

The Feast of San Gennaro happens in September in the Little Italy neighborhood near the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The festival takes place on the street during the day and offers a variety of traditional Italian foods sold by street vendors. There are also games with prizes, street performers and live music. Some of the restaurants in Little Italy have special prix fix menus at night.