Family Fun near Downtown Manhattan

Manhattan Family FunCentral Park - You get a real slice of New York culture at Central Park. There's plenty of fun for the entire family here. Children can visit animals at the petting zoo, and everyone can exercise together for a healthy life. There are plenty of opportunities for cycling, rollerblading, ice skating, running, and other physical activities. You also might find a picnic enjoyable at the end of a long day in Manhattan. Whatever your likes are, you'll surely find a niche for you and your family at Central Park.

Children's Museum of Manhattan - Even the youngest of children get involved at this interactive museum. The children splash and play outside while learning educational facts about water. They'll learn that water is a chemical compound made of both hydrogen and oxygen, which many kids are excited to learn. There are plenty of hands-on features, including Alice in Wonderland, Dora the Explorer, and Clifford The Big Red Dog. Kids love the time they spend at this museum, and even the adults leave with smiles on their faces.

Sony Wonder Technology Lab - Once you need even more Manhattan family fun, check out this place. You'll be blown away by how real some of the exhibits seem to be. You can sample robotic exhibits, fly around the world in a virtual airplane, experience time travel, reach for the stars in outer space, and even have fun inside high-tech sound labs. You can even make your own unique sounds using your voice, clapping noises, and just about anything else you would like to use. The possibilities truly are endless.

F.A.O Schwarz - If you can think of any type of toy, you can probably find it here. Gigantic clocks, fairy princesses, toy soldiers, and many more fantastic creations await you. Your kids will particularly enjoy the huge stuffed teddy bears. You can find almost any doll you've ever heard of, and hundreds that you've never heard of as well. The giant piano that Tom Hanks played in "Big" can also be found there. Exploring F.A.O Schwarz is a highlight in the lives of many adults and children alike.

American Museum of Natural History - Most kids enjoy dinosaurs, don't they? Even if the dinosaur exhibits don't keep the children busy long enough, the others certainly will. You could come here ten different times and enjoy your experiences each time. The outer space exhibits are particularly appealing for everyone in the family. All age groups enjoy exploring the vast unknowns of outer space. This trip will be a real highlight once you're in Manhattan.