Manhattan Transportation

Manhattan TransportationWith more than eight million residents calling the city home, New York City is full of people on the move. Nowhere is that more true than on the island of Manhattan, where commuters, city residents, and visitors all converge every day. Without planning ahead for transportation, it is easy to find oneself stuck in gridlock or completely lost. Fortunately, Manhattan has an assortment of transportation solutions that make it easy for anyone to move about the city and its neighboring boroughs.

Perhaps one of the most iconic transportation methods in New York are the yellow cabs that dot every street. These vehicles are licensed by the city to transport individuals to and from locations in New York. Hailing a cab is simple, as one can either visit a taxi stand, or wave at an available cabbie. Taxi stands are generally located outside of busy train stations, as well as near major hotels and entertainment venues.

If hitting the streets does not sound like the most convenient option, one may instead wish to travel via the subway system. Manhattan has several subway lines that take travelers up and down the island. There are a myriad of ticket and pass options, making it simple to gain access to the system. Subways also run 24 hours a day, making these trains an ideal solution for those traveling day or night.

While subway transport is certainly a quick way to move about Manhattan, buses are also a popular option. The bus system utilizes the same tickets and passes as the subway, meaning passengers can easily transfer between the two. Buses are particularly useful for those who wish to cross Manhattan horizontally, as no subway lines run in this direction. Specialty buses also run on a direct schedule between popular areas at peak periods, making these vehicles a popular solution with travelers who want to avoid stopping frequently.

In addition to the public transportation systems and taxi drivers in Manhattan, some brave voyagers choose to navigate the roads of the busy city in their own vehicles. New York is also home to many short-term vehicle rental companies, which allow anyone to easily rent a car at a moment's notice for an hour or two. Of course, if all else fails, one of Central Park's horse carriages or the pedicab drivers who congregate across the city will be happy to drive customers to their final destination.