Memphis Dining

Memphis DIningWhile visiting Memphis, you will want to be sure and enjoy all of the great dining options that are available to you there. Memphis offers fine dining as well as casual dining and either way that you choose to dine will promise to be a delicious choice.

You might choose The Majestic Grill located at 145 S. Main in Memphis where you can enjoy everything from Barbecue ribs to steamed black mussels. You may even choose to have a New York Strip cooked to perfection or grilled Salmon. No matter what you choose, you are going to find that everything is delicious. The dessert choices are just as tasty and the wine list is outstanding.

For a different style of dining you can choose a great Italian restaurant like Ciao Bella Italian Grille. Ciao Bella can be found at 565 Erin Drive where they serve wonderful appetizers such as stuffed mushrooms, antipasto, sausage and peppers and so much more. You can also choose wonderful entrees such as seafood cannelloni, Greek inspired red snapper, pizza and your favorite calzones. This will prove to be a wonderful Italian dining experience.

At 4972 Park Avenue you'll find Patrick's where you can have the best burger that you've ever imagined. You can also have your choice of a great steak cooked juicy and tasty just the way you want it. Patrick's has a large menu with an even larger variety of awesome foods to choose from. You can even have a BBQ chicken sandwich if you choose. You may prefer to have catfish as your choice and you can have it fried, grilled or even blackened.

A great place to eat that you must check out is Kooky Canucks. At Kooky Canucks you'll find that you can casually enjoy a fried ham and cheese sandwich, a meatloaf sandwich and even a catfish sandwich. You can also have your favorite burger like bacon and blue cheese burger or a burger that has four different cheeses on it. They also offer unique desserts such as Smores and the Avalanche which consist of 18 scoops of ice cream with a variety of toppings. You'll find Kooky's at 97 S. Second Street.

Barbecue is a must have while in Memphis and you'll find many great places to enjoy it. One of the best spots is Central BBQ at 2249 Central Avenue. You can feast on chicken, ribs, brisket and turkey that have been cooked on the pit to perfection. You can also enjoy your favorite BBQ'd meat on a sandwich.

Memphis offers wonderful places to eat a variety of delicious foods making your stay more enjoyable, more filling and more fun.