Memphis Weather

Memphis WeatherMemphis enjoys some of the best seasons. Many visitors state that the weather is one of the reasons that they always return to this region. Many months out of the year, Memphis is a balmy 70 degrees with its coldest month being January with an average temperature of 50 degrees. For travelers, the subtropical climate of Memphis is a great reason to visit during the winter but also stay until early summer.

Spring has always been rated the best month to visit Memphis. With blooming azaleas, charming shrubbery and perfect upper 60 degree weather, the city truly shines between March and May. It's also the time to avoid the crowds since summer is a peak travel time. With warm days and cooler nights, Memphis offers the best of the seasons during Spring. However, you may still need to bring an umbrella for the typical showers experienced in this climate.

During warmer months of summer, Memphis comes to life with exciting concerts and local festivals. With the sun out, this city truly looks its best. It's also a really hot period for the area. Average temperatures in the 90s for June and July. However, the nights can still grow colder and rain often cools down the heated landscape for a brief period of time. If you plan on staying three or four days in town, make sure that you bring an umbrella or rain coat as you will most likely get a shower in the summer. A cold beer on Beale Street can also sooth any heat wave moments.

As fall rolls around, Memphis goes back to beautiful balmy days of perfect upper 60 degree weather. With these warm days and cool nights, it's easy to experience all there is to love about this country town. In addition, you can really see the change of seasons in the autumn foliage. If you love downtown Memphis, then this is definitely a sight to see in fall.

With October, winter begins in Memphis, and it can be a bit of a shock to travelers who love the heat of this city. With temperatures typically in the 40s, Memphis can experience an average of 5.7 inches of snow during the winter.

Overall, Memphis balances on a beautiful line between balmy days and a few days of more extreme weather. Typically, it's not too hot or cold, and the sun is always shining in some part of downtown Memphis.