Memphis Transportation

Memphis TransportationFlying to Memphis: Along with being the world's largest cargo airport, the Memphis International Airport is also the most convenient way to arrive in the city of Memphis. Since Memphis is in Tennessee, many visitors mistakenly believe that any airport in Tennessee will be close. However, it is important to note that the state is quite large. Driving from Memphis to Knoxville, for example, is almost nine hours. Travelers who want to arrive by air should definitely plan to arrive in Memphis, but alternatives could include the Little Rock Airport in Arkansas or the Oxford Airport in Mississippi. More than 90 percent of the flights in and out of Memphis are operated by Delta, but there are some flights through carriers like US Airways and American Airlines. The airport is just south of the city center, and taxis and buses can take less than 10 minutes depending on the final destination.

Public Transport in Memphis: Although travelers should definitely consider renting a car in order to be explore Memphis, there are some public transportation options available as an alternative. A tourist trolley, which operates in the Midtown area, is free and perfect for sightseeing during the day. Travelers will likely see the Bettie Bus at some point during their trip to the city. The Bettie Bus is a company that operates tours and airport shuttles. Those visitors who don't rent a car may be interested in booking a ride either to or from the airport with Bettie Bus, which is typically cheaper than a taxi for single passengers. The Memphis Area Transit Authority, or MATA, also operates a bus system in Memphis. While it does offer extensive bus routes, it is recommended that visitors keep a map of bus routes with them as well as a schedule, as some buses only come through a few times each day.

Driving in Memphis: There is no question that the best way to see Memphis, especially over a week-long vacation, is by car. Thankfully, driving in Memphis is very straightforward and traffic is unlikely. By avoiding rush hours and using either a map or a GPS for the car, travelers typically have no trouble exploring the area on their own. Parking is free at most hotels, and even in the downtown area there are options for free parking lots and affordable garages close to shopping, dining and nightlife. Look out for the garages that are painted with the slogan Parking Can Be Fun, as these are the specific locations owned by the tourism authority that offer free parking to drivers.