Shopping near Downtown Memphis

Memphis ShoppingOverton Square: This public square has been a popular dining and shopping destination since it was founded in 1969, and it has evolved to be one of the top tourism destinations in all of Memphis. Along with art galleries, clothing boutiques and souvenir shops, Overton Square boasts several restaurants, coffee shops and bars. Visitors can even attend the movie theater or performance theater in Overton Square after they are done with their shopping.

Collierville Town Center: When the weather is nice, a trip to Collierville Town Center can be the perfect way to spend a day. Collierville is just a few miles east of Memphis, and it can be a charming alternative to the busy downtown area of the city. Shops selling homemade fudge, candles, souvenirs, arts and crafts and boutique clothing are situated around a public square. Visitors can even dine at the local cafes and restaurants in the area. During the summer, live entertainment and a water fountain draws in families, and in the winter the holiday decorations are a great reason to visit.

Midtown Artist Market: Visitors who are looking to buy something unique in Memphis will want to head to the Midtown Artist Market. It is a cooperative owned by local artists in the area. As many as 100 artists contribute their works for display and sale at any given time, and they take turns cleaning the space and staffing the booth to make sales. Shoppers who want to get a real feel for the art and cultural scene in the city will want to make a trip to the Midtown Artist Market to explore what is available and purchase some one of a kind souvenirs to remember their trip.

Peabody Place: This attractive area in the downtown section of Memphis, Tennessee was originally a mix of residential, commercial and business spaces. In 2001, however, the demand for better shopping in the downtown area meant that much of Peabody Place became an enclosed shopping mall. In addition to a number of great stores selling everything from clothing and shoes to electronics and jewelry, Peabody Place boasts several casual dining restaurants, a sports bar, a movie theater and even an indoor miniature golf course. The area is especially popular with local residents and teens in the area.

Unusual Finds: Shoppers who don't want to visit the same chain stores again and again will have plenty of unusual finds to choose from in Memphis. A top pick is Burke's Books, which has been independently owned and in operation for more than 125 years. A. Schwab is also a fun store selling antiques and local art that travelers won't want to miss.