Miami Weather

Miami WeatherThe sunshine and breezes offered by Miami, Florida, make it an attractive destination year round for guests from all over the world. The city is characterized as a tropical monsoon climate with warm, humid conditions. Whether a guest desires to escape the cold in northern parts or seeks a destination for summer vacation, the city's weather provides a major reason to come to Miami.

Winter Months
Many visitors capitalize on the city's wonderful winter weather to escape the cold in northern areas. The season features mild to warm weather with average highs of
67.2 °F Cool air typically produces low readings of 50 °F. The warmest weather reaches around 70–77 °F. At this time of year, humidity levels are much lower providing the foundation for cooler weather.

Summer Wet Season
The city's wet season commences in May and lasts through October. At this time of year, temperatures average in the mid 80s to low 90s °F. with high humidity. During the summer months, temperatures rarely drop below 75 °F. Afternoon thunderstorms or breezes from the Atlantic Ocean provide some relief, though the muggy conditions remain. The city receives tremendous rainfall with annual levels reaching 58.6 inches yearly.

Extreme weather
The Atlantic Hurricane season lasts from June through the end of November, even though these storms can occur beyond this range of months. The city is most vulnerable to hurricanes from mid-August to the end of September. Because of its geographic location between two significant bodies of water, the city is statistically more vulnerable to a hurricane than any other place in the world followed by its Caribbean neighbors Havana, Cuba, and Nassau, Bahamas.

The city experiences more severe thunderstorms than any other location in the United States with an average of 80 per year featuring lightning and substantial rainfall. Waterspouts and tornadoes at times happen, though tornadoes are exceedingly rare compared to other parts of the country. The highest temperature in Miami ever recorded was 100 °F on July 21, 1942. The coldest reading was 27 °F on February 3, 1917.

A glamor city, Miami features sunny warm weather that attracts a bevy of visitors from around the globe. The best months to visit are in the winter months where humidity levels fall and moderate warmth permeates the area. The summer months are attractive as well, though a guest should consider the rainfall, extreme heat and risk for hurricanes. Regardless of when a visitor comes to the Miami, they are certain to have the opportunity for a wonderful tan and to rejuvenate in style.