Milwaukee Dining

Milwaukee DiningMason Street Grill
People in Milwaukee absolutely rave about Mason Street Grill. The food here is extraordinary. They do a really great job with their meats in particular. The 48-hour braised ribs are so tender they practically melt in the mouth. They have a nice cigar bar here, too. A piano player is on hand to give the place some nice atmosphere.

Blue’s Egg
This is the best spot for breakfast in the city. They serve up creative takes on classic breakfast dishes. This is not the place to go for people who do not like to try new things. Their dishes are never ordinary and always delicious. It does get very busy on the weekends. However, it is a very big place and they do a great job of getting people seated and served as quickly as possible.

Oscar’s Pub & Grill
Burger lovers do not want to miss a trip to Oscar’s Bar & Grill while they are in Milwaukee. They make some of the best burgers on the planet. They also do a wonderful job with their French fries that have parmesan cheese sprinkled on them. The sweet potato fries are highly recommended as well.

La Merenda
This fantastic restaurant serves up Spanish dishes that will be sure to please every diner. Their tapas are phenomenal. They also serve up many dishes that aren’t from Spain, so less adventurous diners will be sure to find something they will like on the menu.

Barlotta’s Lake Park Bistro
This charming bistro offers many French classics that will appeal to the most discriminating palettes. The view from the dining room is spectacular as it looks out over Lake Michigan. The servers are some of the most helpful and friendliest in the city, and patrons will never leave here disappointed.

Sanford Restaurant
They have an amazing menu at Sanford Restaurant. The chef is always trying new, playful creations that utilize fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. The wait staff does an excellent job and they are all highly knowledgeable. This is a great place to go for a special occasion as it exudes class.

Kopp’s Frozen Custard Stand
It is hard to argue with the fact that Kopp’s Frozen Custard Stand serves the best custard in the world. Wisconsin is the home of custard, and no restaurant in the state serves any more delicious version of it. They have a wide variety of flavors that are all amazing. They also serve up burgers, soups and appetizers. This is one of the most-loved restaurants in the city of Milwaukee.