Milwaukee Events

Milwaukee EventsMilwaukee, Wisconsin, is seen by many people as a younger sibling of Chicago, Illinois, but Milwaukee offers numerous charms of its own. Throughout the year, Milwaukee is home to many events that visitors and their families can enjoy. Many of the city's most notable events happen on the Henry Maier Festival Grounds during the summer months. The most famous of these events is the annual Summerfest lakefront music festival. Summerfest has been recognized as the world's largest music festival, and it attracts approximately one million visitors every year. The event features 11 different stages with live music. Local and regional acts perform during the afternoon hours, while major national and international touring artists grace the stages for performances later in the day. Summerfest takes place during the weeks surrounding the Independence Day holiday, and visitors who stay past dusk are treated to a fantastic fireworks display.

The Wisconsin State Fair is also held every summer in the Milwaukee area. The fair was inaugurated in 1851, just three years after Wisconsin became a US state. While at the fair, visitors can enjoy exciting rides, games of skill and a wide variety of food and beverage vendors. Additionally, the fair features farm and dairy exhibits that depict the excellence of Wisconsin farming. One of the most popular agricultural exhibits is the Wisconsin Wine Garden. This exhibit features some of the finest wines produced in the state of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin has shared a long history with circuses, and visitors can immerse themselves in circus heritage by attending Milwaukee's Great Circus Parade. The parade features marching bands, animals, circus wagons and a wide variety of clowns and other performers. The parade is fun for the whole family, and it provides a historical perspective for fans of circuses. In fact, the parade is meant to recreate the exciting historical experience of the circus coming into town. This event does not occur every year, so visitors should make sure the parade is scheduled before planning a Milwaukee visit.

Model railroad enthusiasts enjoy coming to Milwaukee each year for Trainfest. Trainfest is held every November, and it is billed as the largest operating model railroad show in America. The event is held at the massive Wisconsin Exhibition Center, and it covers over 200,000 square feet of space. Although the event is geared toward railroad hobbyists, it offers a fun time for the whole family.

A number of ethnic festivals are held in Milwaukee each year, many of which occur at the Maier Festival Grounds. German Fest and Festa Italiana are quite popular, as are Bastille Days and Greek Fest. These events are held each summer, and they allow visitors to immerse themselves in the many cultures that come together to make Milwaukee unique.