Minneapolis Dining

Minneapolis DiningCapital Grille
No place makes a better steak in Minneapolis than the Capital Grille. They also have a bar that gets very lively at night. This is a place where businesspeople take their clients to impress them. It is fantastic for lunch, dinner or just a few drinks. It would be hard to say any restaurant in the Twin Cities is better than Capital Grille.

al Vento
This is the best Italian restaurant in Minneapolis. It is always very crowded since the food is so good, but the staff does a wonderful job of quickly serving the patrons. The food is rustic Italian cuisine that will impress even the most discriminating foodie.

In Season
Like the name suggest, the focus at In Season is on using the best local, seasonal ingredients to produce gourmet food. It is a mission at which the restaurant succeeds wonderfully. The prices are very reasonable and the food is amazing. This is definitely a stop not to be missed on the Minneapolis food scene.

Manny’s Steakhouse
Minneapolis is a town like most in the Midwest that loves its beef. Manny’s Steakhouse celebrates this fact with some of the best steaks in the world. They always do a great job at cooking their steaks to perfection. They give some of the largest portions that customers have ever seen. Some customers may wonder if their steaks came off of a cow or a dinosaur. It is a great place to share dishes or bring home a doggie bag,

Pizzeria Lola
Pizza lovers will not want to miss a chance to sample the best pizza in town at Pizzeria Lola. They make traditional Italian pizzas that come in only one size and are perfectly cooked with a thin crust. This is pizza like one would eat in Rome, and the quality of it is outstanding. Though they cook their pizzas in the traditional Italian manner, they do offer customers the chance to sample some exotic pizzas like their Korean BBQ Pizza.

Restaurant Alma
This is one of the favorite restaurants in town for local foodies. They serve gourmet tasting menus at reasonable prices. Unlike many other places’ tasting menus, the tasting menus at Restaurant Alma come in very generous portions. Therefore, the three-course tasting menu is probably the best selection for those who wish to walk out the door without the aid of a forklift.

Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream Café
Ice cream lovers will find the best ice cream in the Twin Cities at this spot. They have more than 60 flavors on the menu at all times, and the menu is constantly being updated with clever new ones.