Minneapolis Transportation

Minneapolis TransportationCar
Driving in Minneapolis is very easy. There are many car rental options from which to choose, including both local and national car rental chains. Most of the big, national car rental companies keep a presence out at the airport, so it is easy for visitors to get a rental car upon arrival. The city is well laid-out in a neat grid, and it will not be difficult for drivers to find their way around the city’s streets. There is ample parking available throughout the city. However, drivers should be cautious where they park their cars when it is snowing. They can get towed if they happen to be parked on the wrong side of the street during a snowstorm. This is due to the need for snowplows to have access to keep the streets cleaned of snow.

Minneapolis is a great town for walkers. The downtown is particularly pleasant for walkers. During the spring, fall and summer, it is gorgeous to walk along the city’s streets. During the harsh winter, the city has a Skyway system of pedestrian enclosed walkways that runs throughout downtown. This makes it easy to get around town during the winter without ever being exposed to the elements.

Although the winter months are not great for bicycling in the city, the rest of the year Minneapolis is one of the best towns in the country for bicycle lovers. Most of the busy streets in the city have bike lanes. There is also an extensive network of bike trails which cyclists can use to cross the city without ever having to use the city streets.

Light Rail
There is an excellent light rail service in Minneapolis that runs between all of the major tourist attractions. This is the easiest way for visitors to get around the city. There is only one light rail line, so it is impossible for travelers to get lost on it. It move very quickly around the city, and is almost always running on time.

The bus is the other public transit option for visitors to Minneapolis. However, the bus system can be confusing for visitors. It runs all over the city and many of the routes overlap. It is best for visitors to ask the driver when they get on if they are on the right bus for the destination to which they are headed. This will ensure that they don’t end up wasting time by heading on a bus to the wrong part of town. Passengers should also be sure to ask the driver for a transfer upon boarding if they will require one.