Montreal Attractions

Montreal AttractionsThe Ecomuseum Zoo is a zoo that displays animals native to Canada, especially those animals who live in the Saint Lawrence Valley. Over 115 animal species live at the zoo including otters, black bears and wolves. This zoo is noted for its outstanding bird collection. The zoo has just recently opened a new aviary and waterfowl habitat filled with ducks, geese and an assortment of hawks, owls and other birds. The zoo is open every day from 9am to 5pm except Christmas.

The Notre Dame Basilica was built in 1824 on the site where churches have stood in Montreal since the 1600s. The church is well-known for its two towers. One tower is called Perseverance, and it contains a huge bell. The second tower is named Temperance, and it is the home of a carillon. Inside the basilica, visitors will see many wonderful works of art decorating this glorious building. There are many statues and carvings of saints and Biblical figures. An ornate pulpit is one of the artistic highlights of the church's interior. Individual and group tours are available. The church is open every day.

A highlight of any visit to Montreal is the Montreal Museum of Fine Art. The museum was founded in 1860, and its current art collection numbers over 35,000 pieces. The museum is noted for its collection of Canadian art. However, the museum's collection has many examples of the finest artistic creations from around the world. The museum's galleries contain the work of Renoir, Rodin, Monet and Picasso to name just a few of the masters whose work is on display.

The Redpath Museum is a natural history museum that was founded in 1882. It is part of Montreal's famous McGill University. There are three floors of exhibits at the Redpath. The highlight of the museum is the extensive collection of minerals. The museum also contains numerous fossils and ancient artifacts. The museum is closed on Saturdays and major holidays.

The place to go to see beautiful flowers and gorgeous plants is the Montreal Botanical Gardens. The garden's 10 greenhouses contain ferns, orchids and a wide-variety of tropical plants. Several themed gardens are scattered across the property. The Japanese Garden is exceptionally stunning. The Montreal Botanical Garden is closed on Mondays.

Old Montreal is a nice place to enjoy a walk. Many of the buildings in this area date back to the 16 and 1700s. Old Montreal is the home of museums, churches, shopping and fine dining.