Montreal Dining

Montreal DiningAs far as a top culinary city in North America, Montreal ranks just under San Francisco, the #1 city for dining. Even ahead of New York, Montreal is the dining destination. One reason for its culinary success is the large Jewish community with their restaurants, cafes and delicatessens that are frequented by locals and guests to the city. Then, French cuisine is extremely popular especially in old Montreal. Every type of food is available when it comes to Montreal's thriving food scene, and international foods as well as vegetarian are common.

When it comes to locally loved food, pizza, bagels and split pea soup are top favorites of Montreal and Quebec residents. Additionally, poutine is a fast food treasure loved by the people of Quebec. The dish is made of French fries and brown gravy with cheese curd sprinkled across the top and sometimes other tasty ingredients.

To sample local culinary specialties, the best places to go are two public market streets. The larger market area is that of Jean-Talon and De Castelnau. Neighborhood groceries, Little Italy, cafes and shops of various kinds are on the streets and side streets of this area. The second is Atwater Market, a farmer's market on the other side of Montreal. Although completely different and smaller than the public market streets at De Castelnau, the quality is terrific and the wide selections offer local produce and specialty items. Another must-see area is China Town.

Of the many local restaurants and other particularly perfect eating establishments throughout Montreal, Europea is a high-end fine dining experience serving the best of French cuisine including desserts with exquisite presentation. Reservations should be called in ahead of time to Europea. Swartz Hebrew Delicatessen is a tradition in Montreal open since the 1920s, the place to get a fabulous and gigantic smoked meat dinner or sandwich. Then in old Montreal, guests feel right at home at Muki, a little ice cream and coffee shop where the ice cream and other desserts are wonderful.

From the shops, markets and delis selling regional specialty foods to the many restaurants with local and international fare, Montreal is a marvelous place to take food tours. Anyone who has time should check out the neighborhood businesses and stay away from food chains while they are in this grand city. Eating is certainly a pleasure that can be experienced no matter what the outdoor weather brings, and the modern capital of Quebec definitely has a thriving food scene.