Montreal Events

Montreal EventsThe Montreal Jazz Festival is the largest jazz festival in the world. It attracts more than 2.5 million people to the city over a one-week period. The festival sees over 1,000 performances from the most famous jazz musicians in the world as well as new artists just coming onto the scene. Hundreds of these performances are free to attend and are held in outdoor venues. Indoor events require ticket purchases in advance for specific shows. Montreal hotels fill up quickly during the festival. It is best to book rooms in advance or to purchase one of the package deals offered by the festival organizers and local hotels.

Les FrancoFolies de Montreal is one of the most popular events for Quebecois in the city. The event is the largest festival celebrating French music in the world. It attracts more than 1 million visitors every year. The top French musicians from Quebec play hundreds of shows during the one-week festival. The festival also draws in global French musicians from areas like France, Spain and Africa. There are dozens of performances held outdoors in downtown Montreal that are free. Indoor performances require the purchase of tickets in advance.

The Montreal International Fireworks Competition occurs on Fridays and Saturdays throughout July. The competition is the largest display of pyrotechnics in the world and has been held annually for nearly 30 years. Each day of the competitions allows one competitor to put on a 30-minute show at night. The fireworks are choreographed to music. They often express a specific theme. Visitors who want to watch the displays can view the fireworks free from several spots near the water although it might not be possible to hear the music. Purchasing tickets is easy and provides free access to the rides in La Ronde on the day of the performance. The tickets allow visitors to view the fireworks from a comfortable location near the event judges.

The Festival TransAmeriques has been held annually in Montreal since 2007. The festival is a collection of hundreds of innovative, thought-provoking and entertaining live performances from around the world. These performances include theater, dance, performance art and even puppetry. Visitors will need to purchase tickets for each individual performance. It should be noted that the performances that involve actors speaking have largely French dialogue.

The Montreal Fashion and Design Festival attracts over 500,000 people every summer. The festival showcases the newest fashions from local designers as well as international design houses. All of the shows are held outdoors and are free for anyone to watch. The models on the runways are accompanied by live performances from a diverse range of musicians. Visitors should arrive at each event early in order to beat the crowds that form closer to the start time.