Family Fun near Downtown Montreal

Montreal Family FunCosmodome and Space Camp - Montreal boasts one of the world's five space camps for children. The camp is designed for kids ages nine through fifteen. The rest of the family can also enjoy watching clips of people walking on the moon, a realistic copy of "Endeavor," and learn about the history and development of spaceships and travel vehicles. Solar system exploration goes to new lengths at Montreal's incredible space camp. Your entire family will find this a memorable and life-changing stop during your Montreal journeys.

Montreal Insectarium - Many kids are interested in all types of bugs. Though they may be a bit on the disgusting side, it's interesting to learn about the different physical features on insects. You can also discover where certain insects originate, what their habitats are like, what they eat, and what they main role in society is. Some bugs pollenate flowers, others fertilize soils, and still other insects have different roles. You'll enjoy the fact that the kids learn and have fun at the same time, and you'll leave with a smile on your face, too.

The Chocolate Economuseum - Chocolate lovers from all over the world make this stop in Montreal every year. You can see how chocolate is made as you take a quick tour of the factory. The best part of this tour is the free samples they give out to everyone who participates. There's also a gift shop where you can buy souvenirs to take home with you. This stop in Montreal will satisfy your sweet tooth like none other.

Biodome de Montreal - This is a unique and fascinating place that people of all ages seem to love. You get to walk through the Biodome and discover four different replicas of habitats found around the world. In one section, you see a very cold climate. In another section, a tropical rainforest is seen. Two other sections include the habitat of the St. Lawrence River and a Laurentian forest. Kids and adults both marvel at the terrific sights and sounds available here.

Place des Arts - The music enthusiast inside of all people comes out to play here. You can hear stirring renditions of real classic pieces of music. The center for performing arts puts on a number of shows, each with different acts and talents on display. If you want some truly beautiful music and opera theater, go visit Place des Arts in Montreal. It's the chance of a lifetime to be moved by beautiful performing art.