Montreal Weather

Montreal WeatherThe weather in Montreal changes quite frequently throughout the calendar year. Life in Montreal is much more interesting due to this fact. The activities and culture available throughout the year are directly affected by the weather patterns. If you plan to visit Montreal in the near future, determine what season you'll enjoy the most when you arrive. The activities and attractions you want to see are more enjoyable when the weather complements those things. Never try to force yourself to do something uncomfortable in relation to the weather conditions. If there's something you want to do outdoors in Montreal, you might want to avoid winter.

Winter can be harsh in Montreal compared to where most people live. Average temperatures in January are roughly 14 degrees Fahrenheit. There's plenty of snow to go around during the winter. The city usually receives 85 to 90 inches of snow between the months of November and March. Brisk breezes can cause wind chills to drop far into the negatives. Ice storms and other nuisances also happen from time to time. In January and February, there are usually only four days of rain during each month. Winter is the worst time for outdoor activities in Montreal.

Summer can be quite warm. Humidity consistently sticks around in July and August. Bad thunderstorms can happen when the seasons change. Hail storms, high winds, and flooding rains occur somewhat frequently in May and October, which coincide with the coming and leaving of summer, respectively. Temperatures during a typical summer day in Montreal reach roughly 70 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. While most of the summer is a pleasant time, the stickiness can sometimes cause excessive sweating and heat-related illnesses. Be sure to drink plenty of water on a summer trip to Montreal. There's plenty to do if you like warmer temperatures.

Spring is a mystery each year in Montreal. Rapid temperatures swings commonly occur due to a number of reasons. You might have one day of temperatures near 40 degrees Fahrenheit with heavy winds and rain. The next day might be 65 degrees Fahrenheit with plenty of sunshine. There's also a lot of rain in the spring. You'll definitely need an umbrella for an extended stay in the spring in Montreal. People don't seem to mind the rain very much, and their lively spirits embrace all the different kinds of weather they experience. Montreal is a city full of vigor no matter what the weather is outside.