Nashville Dining

Nashville DiningJeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
If you are looking for a cool treat while you are in the city, then this is the place to visit. The small ice cream parlor has several different kinds of ice cream flavors and creations to choose from. One of the favorite kinds of ice cream is the Brambleberry Crisp. There are many unique combinations that are not sold anywhere else. This is high quality ice cream at its best.

This is not your typical every day food. When you walk in, you will smell the aroma of simmering meats and vegetables. The pork loin is cooked to perfection, and the ribs fall off the bone. The Mocha Cake is a great choice for dessert if you like chocolate. The waiters are very friendly, and they will go out of their way to satisfy every customer.

Monell’s Dining
This is a family style restaurant where everyone sits at long tables and shares the food. The dishes are passed to each other, and the conversation can be exciting. The food is reminiscent of southern cooking. The banana pudding is decadent and made with fresh ingredients. One of the best dishes is the fried chicken. The skin is crispy, but the juice flows from the chicken from it being so well-done. The prices are affordable, and about 12 people can sit at a table.

Mitchell’s Deli
This local deli serves breakfast and takes delivery orders. You can also go in and place an order. The deli is famous for the Reuben sandwiches it serves. It can get crowded near lunch, so it is best to arrive early or go after the crowd leaves. The warm smell of bread baking greets you as you walk in the door. The food is made to order, and it is made with fresh ingredients. Most of the meats used in the sandwiches are sliced thin.

Loveless Café
While you are in Nashville, you should try this little café that sits off the road. It is great for families who are on vacation or travelers who are going through the area. The café is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The biscuits are light and fluffy, and they taste great with butter or jam. The creamed corn is a great side item, and for dessert, you should try the coconut cream pie. There is a small gift shop in the café that has shirts, mugs and other souvenirs.