Nashville Weather

Nashville WeatherCompared to other cities throughout the United States, the weather in Nashville, TN, is moderate. While there have been temperatures as low as negative 17 degrees and as high as 107 degrees, these are exceptions, not the rule. Typically, Nashville weather ranges from 37 degrees at its lowest to 80 degrees at its highest.

Nashville is its most humid during the summer months. May is the time of year that gets the highest amount of rainfall, which amounts to approximately five inches. While it snows during the winter months, accumulation is rarely more than just a few inches.

One of the things that locals like the most about Nashville is that while the weather never gets to be too freezing, there is a distinct change of the seasons. This means that summertime feels like summertime and you can actually tell that it’s Christmas during December. During the Autumn, the leaves change colors, making the fall foliage absolutely gorgeous. While September is still pretty warm, the temperature cools during October and November. Winters are mild, though, but not as mild as you’d find in Florida or as severe as you’d find in New York.

One of the biggest problems with snowstorms in Nashville is that there’s a lot of ice left over afterwards. Since snowfall is so small in Middle Tennessee, there aren’t a lot of salt trucks to go around. This means that streets don't get de-iced quickly enough. However, the weather is warm enough to melt the ice more quickly than in northern states.

Tornadoes in Middle Tennessee
Every year, Nashville and other areas in Middle Tennessee have approximately twelve tornado watches issued. Of these tornado watches, one or more tornadoes either touch down in the area or are spotted in the area. On average, the Middle Tennessee area gets hit by about three tornadoes each year. This is less than a risk than it sounds, though, because there are more than 30 counties in Middle Tennessee - the odds of being affected by a tornado in Nashville specifically aren’t very high.